song cycle for saxophone (2011-ongoing)


 Version 1.1 for alto saxophone recorded by Marcus Weiss (1/12)

Version 1.1 for soprano saxophone performed by Mary Joy Patchett (7/12)

Version 1.1 for baritone saxophone performed by Thomas Snydacker (2/13, 4/14)

Version 1.2 for baritone saxophone performed by Mary Joy Patchett (3/13)

Version 1.3 for baritone saxophone performed by Philipp Staüdlin (6/14) 


This song cycle for saxophone is an open form composition that is designed to transform over time, though retain its overall cyclicality. It explores the ecology of the saxophone, including the player's relationship to the instrument and the breathing process. Breaths are the piece's meter and the songs are "sung" by the human/saxophone meta-instrument. The text describes a natural cyclical process, informing both the piece's poetics and the performer's interpretation. The original monosyllabic text attempts to encompass the lifecycle of any organism, be it flora or fauna. Over time, the text will transform and so too the specific musical content, taking advantage of the saxophone's unique history in improvised music, fully notated scores, and everything in the cracks. Can the piece take on a life of its own? a sustainably developing saxophone ecosystem? Can the composer eventually become removed from the piece's creation?


For soprano, alto, tenor, or baritone saxophone.