*ROT* for saxophone quartet (2012) 


Commissioned by the SCI/ASCAP Student Commission Competition and premiered at the 2013 SCI National Conference by the Black Swamp Saxophone Quartet.

Studio recording by Russell Kerns (soprano/alto 2) and Tom Snydacker (alto 1/3).

*ROT* is a saxophone quartet deriving from and relating back to a multitude of treatments of the word 'rot,' the concept of 'rot,' and the sound of 'rot.' The work is an offshoot of my song cycle for saxophone solo project.

Musical material permeates the inhaled breath as well as the exhalation, with the performance flowing in the breathing tempo of each performer. Pitch is also subject to constant micro-fluctuations. My hope is that the piece offers a variable, and visceral experience for each listener, and that the music and metaphorical context generate more questions than answers, an inexorable progression towards dis/integration.