Cymbals and Ensemble for percussion, violin, clarinet, and trombone (2015) 


Premiered by Owen Davis, Elliot Cless, Erin Cameron, and Nick Meryhew at Regenstein Hall, Northwestern University.


This quartet for cymbals, violin, clarinet, and trombone is one interpretation of a concept that will become a larger ensemble work with many cymbals and multiple ensembles. The cymbals are my foundational sonority and the ensemble nestles in with the cymbal harmonies, working with the spectra of these cymbals, in this space, right now. Inside this cymbal-scape, pitch and tempo relationships are constantly reorganizing and this dynamic state extends to the musicians’ modes of interaction. Like many of my compositions, “Cymbals and Ensemble” contrasts the state of meditation and stillness with a desire to be in that state of stillness, with an energetic state of desire. In composing this piece, more than any other, I had to release certain compositional desires and allow the music to grow from the cymbals.

(complete recording on soundcloud)