Dear world: I am a composer and educator of music composition, music theory, musicianship, and instrumental ensembles. Also a violinist, chamber music has always been a love.

My compositions use an expanded palette of instrumental sounds in a dynamic tension between meditative stillness and energetic distraction. I draw inspiration from natural phenomena and processes, attempting an objective resonance. And yet my music also relies upon personal experience to define what is beautiful and what is important. It is this balancing act between the scientific and the romantic, the mundane and the mystical that hopefully lends my music substance and vitality (see Artist Statement ).

I have worked with many amazing musicians and ensembles, including the Calder Quartet, loadbang, Ensemble Dal Niente, Northwestern’s Contemporary Music Ensemble, the Black Swamp Saxophone Quartet, and saxophonists Marcus Weiss, Philipp Staeudlin, Mary Joy Patchett, and Tom Snydacker. My music has been honored by the SCI/ASCAP Student Composition Commission and has been performed at festivals throughout the U.S. and in Italy. In 2015, I earned my DMA from Northwestern University and I graduated with a BA and MA from Tufts University. Educational mentors include Lee Hyla, Jay Alan Yim, Hans Thomalla, John McDonald, Lewis Spratlan and Elliott Schwartz in composition, Clayton Hoener in violin, Barry Drummond in Javanese gamelan performance, and Janet Schmalfeldt in music theory.

As a violinist, I trained classically and as an improviser. From 2007 to 2010, I co-founded, directed, and performed in AXIS, a new music ensemble based in Somerville, MA that blurred the lines between written music and improvised, giving performances in concert halls, art galleries, and outdoors. More recently, I performed in a.p.e.r.i.o.d.i.c’s John Cage festival, with the Chicago Composer’s Orchestra, in John Elmquist’s Hard Art Groop, and as a composer-performer in collaboration with Luke Gullickson and the dropshift dance co. (we recently released an album of this music: check it out!)

I am an avid, passionate educator, currently teaching college and pre-college classes and individual lessons. I am the Department Chair of Music Theory and Composition at the Merit School of Music, and additional recent teaching includes music theory courses and composition lessons at North Central College, composition seminar and lessons at the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra, and new music ensemble/theory at the People's Music School. Throughout my own graduate education, I received many opportunities to develop as a teacher and I am grateful for teaching engagements at Northwestern, Tufts, Bristol Community College, and the Point CounterPoint Chamber Music Camp from 2007-2015 (see Curriculum Vitae).