Hello world (wide web)! Welcome to elliotcless.com! I am so excited to have this site up and running. You'll find information about my creative endeavors, including my featured catalogue of works (coming soon: writings, both music analysis and excerpted journals). Listen, learn, and LOVE, if you are so moved. Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions, feedback, and if you are interested in one of my works!



The premiere of the dropshift dance company's Floatbrilliance was June 17-19. Each piece of music within the whole evening coalesced in a distinct and open manner. Composing for dance alongside the evolution of the choreography was fulfilling, as were the inspirations and compromises of co-composing a work. Hope to do more of this in the future! Thanks, Andrea Cerniglia and thanks, Luke Gullickson! We're going to officially release some of this music real soon, but in the meantime, a number of the tracks have already made their way to soundcloud...



Work-in-progress showings today and Friday 4/1 of excerpts from "FloatBrilliance" by dropshift dance. Luke Gullickson and I are collaborating on an original score that is emerging out of and intertwining with Andrea Cerniglia's choreography. I'm relishing the opportunity to improvise on violin in rehearsals, refine at home, and help build the folksy, drone-y, noisy, multi-layered soundscape with Luke. Here's a couple of short excerpts from Sunday's showing at Dovetail Studios:

The complete "FloatBrilliance" with dance, music, video projections, and stage design, runs June 17-19 at Links Hall in Chicago. Also, please consider chipping in a few $'s to help fund this ambitious project!